Record phone calls on iPhone easily with iKeymonitor

Sometimes you need to record phone calls on iPhone to know about what your children or employees are doing behind you. Cell phones are becoming more advanced and with increasing technology, data processing systems are becoming more advanced too. Now you can know about all the phone calls on iPhone with more advanced spy apps […]
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Cure iPhone addiction with iKeyMonitor parental control app

Whether you admit it or not, many iPhone users need to cure iPhone addiction as they have become addicted to iPhone usage. Mobile phones were invented to maintain seamless communication. Communicating from any part of the world was the sole need of using mobile phone. But with the progress of time that need is not […]
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Limit your kids’ iPhone usage with parental control app

Are you still looking for ways to limit your kids’ iPhone usage to prevent them from being tech fanatic? iPhone is one revolutionary invention, people crave to have one as this phone offers multitasking facility and goes a long way to meet varying needs. Whether it is about downloading apps and games or accessing social […]
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Limit screen time for Android to increase kids’ productivity

To limit screen time for Android device is greatly wanted by many parents as children have spent too much time on iPad. You must have heard your kids saying ‘wait, I need to complete this level before I quit‘ or ‘just five minutes please’. These are some of the common phrases that nearly every parent […]
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Set screen time limit on iPhone: the benefits are unbelievable

Today it has become mandatory for parents to set screen time limit on iPhone to control children’s iPhone usage time. When you have a child and he or she keeps on playing games, often it becomes tough to separate the mobile device from the kid. But with an app which limits screen time as much […]
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Why is it mandatory to restrict access to apps on iPhone?

It’s essential for parents to restrict access to apps on iPhone as iPhone is gaining an increasing number of users of different ages. iPhone has become an emblem of status and reputation. Those who are having iPhone feel proud and special from other smartphone users. iPhone runs iOS operating system whereas other smartphones run Blackberry, […]
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Blocking Google Play/App Store from Inappropriate Downloads

What’s the best way to block Google Play/Android Market from inappropriate downloads? Download iKeyMonitor app for Android. Sometimes, children or older people like us tend to click on random Internet links, advertisements, and applications by accident. We might not be aware that these sites may contain pornography, account phishing malwares, and others. In this situation, […]
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Best iPhone App to Track Your Child’s Mobile Device

What is the best iPhone app that I can download to track my child’s mobile device without him knowing? If you’re a parent who’s concerned about your child using their iPhone or iPad a little too much and with extreme caution so as not to be caught by you, you will need to add an […]
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Keep Your Smartphone Safe with Security Software for Android

It is reported that several dangerous types of dangers such as malware, viruses, predators and more have been identified that could be used to damage your Android smart phone or tablet. Therefore, all users of smart phones should pay more attention to how to keep your smart phone safe when you are using it. By […]
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