How to Stop Children from Looking at Porn Online

I found that my son is looking at porn on the Internet. What should I do? I know I am an over-concerned parent. Being a parent is not easy in this age of technology. Our children are vulnerable to porn as soon as they are in front of a computer. You can be proactive and […]
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How to Monitor Kids with Mac Keylogger

Use Parental Control and Mac Keyloggers to achieve Parental Monitoring is a very important thing, since there are a lot of unscrupulous people that would go to any extent to engage in indecent conversations and relationships with your children, which makes the Internet a dangerous world. To safely and securely monitor your children without any […]
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How Does Parental Control Ensure Kids Online Safety

Aobo Internet Filter for Mac is one of the most trustworthy Parental Control Software for Mac, which provides parents with powerful blocking and monitoring features. You let your children read just anything online, don’t you? Well, without Parental Control Software like Aobo Internet Filter for Mac, they can see whatever they want on the Internet, […]
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Benefits of Aobo Keylogger for Mac OS X

At present Internet ranks high among the most widely-used technology. However, the bad thing is that numerous problems have also arisen as the expansion of the Internet usage. To make clear if the Internet is properly used on a Mac by your kids, spouse and employees, you may consider applying a Keylogger for Mac on […]
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Family Keylogger for Mac Keeps an Eye on Kids

Many kids are finding their way into the online world without guidance or protection from their parents, who themselves either don’t recognize the potential dangers and risks of allowing their kids to forge their way alone on the Internet or don’t put much stock in the reality of those dangers and risks. Innocence is one […]
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3 Ways to Backup Aobo Mac Keylogger Logs

Keylogger logs backup is a question of great concern to the most Aobo Keylogger users. Normally, there are three ways to backup Aobo Mac Keylogger logs securely before you delete them. Receive Mac Keylogger logs by emails Reporting logs to your email box not only helps you gain all the information of your Mac activity, […]
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Keep Track of User Activities on Your Mac

Whether you are a concerned parent, husband wife or a business owner curious about the activities on your Mac computers, the two methods below will make suggestions on how to monitor the user activities on your Mac. METHOD 1 You can use Parental Controls in Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6 to help supervise different […]
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Helpful Features of Aobo Keylogger to Catch Cheating Spouse

A cheating spouse will almost never admit to infidelity, unless presented with evidence to the contrary. Since they could be using email, instant messaging or internet chat rooms to communicate with their lovers on the Internet, we highly recommend Aobo Mac Keylogger to eliminate doubt and worry over whether your spouse is cheating online or […]
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Does Mac Get Keylogger Virus

As a Mac user, you may concern about a question: will the Mac device get infected by keylogger virus? You cannot have an exact answer for this question since nobody will tell you that. Now, you have a chance to get a certain reply: sure, Macintosh can get a keylogger virus. However, you will have […]
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Free Mac Keylogger Is Actually Not Free

A lot of Mac Keylogger user will be happy when they find and download Free Mac Keylogger, but finally they become disappointed because what is called free Mac Keylogger is far from the word “free”. In fact, there is no easy-to-use free Mac Keylogger so far. In point of fact, most of the free Mac […]
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