Great Features of Keylogger for Apple iPad

iKeyMonitor iPad/iPhone Keylogger

There are many people consulting about Apple iPhone/iPad Keylogger online but almost no luck. However, here is a piece of exciting news: iKeyMonitor– a safe and clean Apple iPhone/iPad Keylogger developed by Aobo Software released recently!

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Since iPhone and iPad have been attracting and affecting so many Apple fans, and the Internet connection (Wi-Fi or 3G) will enable an Apple iPhone/iPad Keylogger app to upload the logs to web, similar to Aobo Mac Keylogger, an Apple iPhone/iPad Keylogger for this expensive but awesome handy device is what users are looking for.

Here are the features of this Apple iPhone/iPad Keylogger

  • Log keystrokes and even passwords typed
  • Log SMS and WhatsApp messages sent and received
  • Track all the website history in Safari.
  • Take screenshots of the iPhone/iPad which enables you to see what’s going on.
  • Send the logs to your email account or web space so you can check it anywhere.
  • Run in stealth and undetectable mode.
  • Password protected so that no one can change the Keylogger setting.

The Apple iPhone/iPad Keylogger can’t be detected unless the user checks Cydia installed apps, but it will be difficult if the person does not know exactly what to look for. We offer a custom install script. In this way, you can install the application without showing the history in Cydia, which makes it really very hard to find this Apple iPhone/iPad Keylogger out.

You might worry that this whether this Apple iPhone/iPad Keylogger sends to our servers or any others. Nope. The logs can be only sent to the e-mail you specified or FTP you own. Anyone else including the provider can not receive the logs of the Apple iPhone/iPad Keylogger.

What would you like about iKeyMonitor – the Apple iPhone/iPad Keylogger? Leave your creative ideas!

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