How to Track Websites on Mac

Website tracking on Mac allows you to record all the websites visited on the Internet, from which you can check to see if the websites visited have something unsafe or dangerous information on it. But how to track websites on Mac is a very important issue. Actually, there are so many applications provided on the […]
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Mac Parental Control Software – Monitor and Protect Kids

By using Mac Parental Control Software, parents can monitor what kids are doing online and protect them from inappropriate information online. Mac Parental Control Software make it easy for parents to keep kids safe online. Parents might think that their children are safe at home and learning something on the Internet. But these days, the […]
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How to Keep Kids Safe Online – Monitoring and Filtering

Are Your Kids Safe on The Internet? In one word: No! Internet is a fundamental part of most people’s everyday life. You and your kids can do just about anything on the Internet: watch movies, play games, make friends and share ideas – anything! If they are using a connected computer, their freedom may go […]
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Mac OS X Parental Control Software Web Filter

Aobo Internet Filter for Mac, a piece of parental control software for Mac, blocks the sites you don’t want your kids to see and prevent applications from running. Its Mac parental control feature also records the browsing of websites on the Internet. Aobo Internet Filter for Mac Features: Available for Mac OS 10.5.X/10.6.X/10.7.x/10.8.x and later […]
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