Aobo Filter for Mac – Parental Control Tool

Subsequent to the success of Aobo Mac Keylogger and Aobo Porn Filter for PC, Aobo Software will launch another powerful parental control tool for Mac OS X users – Aobo Filter for Mac. Aobo Filter for Mac OS X is a parental blocking program for Mac that focuses on blocking unwanted websites and applications. It […]
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Cool Mac Keylogger from Aobo Software

Parental control software such as Mac keylogger provides parents with automated tools to help protect their children and set restrictions while using computers and Internet. These controls may include: 1. Monitoring your kids’ computer use 2. Controlling the content 3. Limiting the amount of time they can use their device First popular type of parental […]
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Parents Should Monitor Websites Visited by Children

Youngsters are frequently inquisitive for sexual substance and they may visit porn sites or talk to the bad guys on the chatting programs like MSN/Aim/Yahoo Messenger on the web. Guardians are answerable for their youngsters’ online safety and being urged to remain vigilant about what kind of web sites their kids may visit. At present […]
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