Settle Kids’ Porn Addiction Problem with Parental Internet Filter

Parental Internet Filter refers to a kind of parental control software that is able to both monitor entire Internet activity and limit Internet usage powerfully. According to Independent Parliamentary Inquiry Into Online Child Protection, the UK Government concluded that they and Internet service providers need to do more to stop children from easily gaining access […]
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Guide Kids to Blog Wisely with Network Control Software

Many people have their own blogs nowadays on the Internet, and they often like to write something they want to say on their blogs. Blogging is a great way for everyone who wants to share what they are thinking about with others or what they experience with online people, but there is a common question […]
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Best Family PC Keylogger for Parents

Nowadays, kids like to spend most of their time chatting with friends online even sometimes they chat with strangers, which has a major threat to the safety of your children. Besides, more porn information pops up automatically on the Internet and kids are curious with it and they may be addicted to these porn information. […]
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The Best Parental Control App Set Your Mind at Ease

The Internet is a wonderful but dangerous place for young kids because they are so inexperienced and innocent that it is easy for them to be addicted to playing on the computer and waste too much time and energy on the Internet. What’s worse, some evil people specialize in cheating young kids online, which are […]
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Adopt Best Parental Control – Micro Keylogger

Are you really happy and assured if your kids are good at managing computer and devote much time and energy to it? Every parent may wonder what his/her kids are doing on the PC while he/she does not get around, and takes actions to protect the curious but innocent kids from being taken advantaged by […]
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Micro Keylogger – The most smart PC keylogger

Micro Keylogger is a keylogger software for PC Micro Keylogger is the most smart PC keylogger with Powerful features. It runs in background Invisibly to Spy on your PC. The Keylogger allows you to secretly track all activities from all computer users and automatically receive logs by email. With Micro Keylogger, you don’t need to […]
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