Why Should You Install Blocking Software on Family PC

When you and any other member in your family are using the Internet, there might be a chance that some unwanted or adult content gets opened, which is surely not beneficial. You definitely do not hope it to get opened in front of your children. These types of websites tempt innocent children and other family […]
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Monitors Children with Mac Keylogger

A Mac Keylogger is an application on Mac OS X that records every keystroke and more. Many Mac Keyloggers log keystrokes typed and websites visited and some even capture screenshots. These features enable you to “look over the shoulder” of the children using the Mac and know every activity performed by them. A Keylogger for […]
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Avoid Online Dangers with Parental Control

Educating your kids, setting online rules and monitoring them with Parental Control like Aobo Mac Keylogger are necessary ways to refrain from or deal with online dangers. Nowadays to be a victim of a crime you don’t have to place yourself in a dangerous dark street. The dangers online have been largely highlighted in recent […]
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Mac Parental Monitoring Software for Kids Monitoring

Parental Monitoring Software for Mac is one of the best solutions to monitor kids online activities. The Parental Monitoring Software monitors every movement on the Mac when you are not even present. The Internet is full of materials, no matter useful or harmful. Therefore, with the time going, the Internet has become an essential tool […]
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Family Keylogger for Mac Keeps an Eye on Kids

Many kids are finding their way into the online world without guidance or protection from their parents, who themselves either don’t recognize the potential dangers and risks of allowing their kids to forge their way alone on the Internet or don’t put much stock in the reality of those dangers and risks. Innocence is one […]
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Parental Control Tools Are What You Need for Child Online Safety

Kids are in the spotlight because they’re spending more and more time online – at home, in schools and at the homes of friends. According to CIC, high school kids spend as much as 5.1 hours a day online when they’re out of school, middle school children spend 4.9 hours daily and elementary school children […]
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Web Watching Safeyes – Easy to Use Parental Control Software

Safeyesis the most powerful and easy to use Internet monitoring software available and is completely invisible to the user. Safeyes is the only Internet monitoring software that will allow you to monitor Internet usage from any computer in the world. Safeyes has all the features that are available. Keystroke logging,record instant message and chats,record incoming […]
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Keystroke Spy from Spytech

Spytech SentryPC Secure Filtering, Monitoring, and Access Control More about sentryPC SentryPC enables you to control, restrict and monitor access and usage of your PC. You can control how long and when users are allowed to use the computer, prevent the use of specific programs, block access to certain websites, restrict access to Windows functions […]
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Optenet PC Parental Controls – A Web Filter for the Entire Family

Optenet PC Parental Controls – A Web Filter for the Entire Family Optenet PC is an advanced parental control software. It is a flexible and effective web filter designed to allow you to control Internet access for your entire family on your home PC. With Optenet PC you can block unwanted content from your home […]
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CyberPatrol – Flexible Parental control software – block myspace

CyberPatrol lets you monitor and control how, when and to whom Internet access is allowed, filtered or blocked, as well as choose where they surf online. It protects against inappropriate or harmful sites, including Spyware and Phishing. It lets you restrict or block chat and instant messaging, file sharing and downloading of music, images and […]
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