Computer Monitoring Spy Provides the Best Parental Control

Nowadays, the Internet is filled with dangerous or inappropriate content, cyber-bullying and online predators. However, as parents, you are more likely to be unaware of what your children are doing online. In reality, there are so many places in the Internet where children could be easily exposed to plenty of online threats. That’s why it’s […]
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Settle Kids’ Porn Addiction Problem with Parental Internet Filter

Parental Internet Filter refers to a kind of parental control software that is able to both monitor entire Internet activity and limit Internet usage powerfully. According to Independent Parliamentary Inquiry Into Online Child Protection, the UK Government concluded that they and Internet service providers need to do more to stop children from easily gaining access […]
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Safeguard Kids from Online Dangers with Parental Control Program

Obviously, an open Internet is unsafe for children when they are surfing the Internet, so it is also quite difficult for parenting in this digital age. Since there are so many different kinds of dangers on the Internet that your kids may encounter, it seems more important and essential for us to apply a secure […]
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Guide Kids to Blog Wisely with Network Control Software

Many people have their own blogs nowadays on the Internet, and they often like to write something they want to say on their blogs. Blogging is a great way for everyone who wants to share what they are thinking about with others or what they experience with online people, but there is a common question […]
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Apply Parental Web Blocker to Avoid Teens Gaming Addiction

Yesterday, my best friend told me that she is worried that her 8 year-old son is addicted to playing the computer games, and she doesn’t know how to solve this problem. She wants to find a useful parental web blocker that can help her monitor and restrict her son from playing the computer games. Indeed, […]
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Take Care of Social Media Activity by Parental Control App

Social media has become an addiction for many users. With the ability to share intimate details of one’s life with ease, many users are addicted to posting whatever they want on the social media sites. And some users are lulled into a false sense of security. It seems that the social media has become an […]
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How Parents Can Protect Kids Online with Mac Keylogger

More inappropriate contents occur on the Internet, and many countries ban adult content for all users, or some just are depending on the age. However, this porn information, like graphic sexuality, adult language or violence, is all inappropriate for minor. So you should find some good parental control tools to help you completely monitor your […]
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The Best Parental Control App Set Your Mind at Ease

The Internet is a wonderful but dangerous place for young kids because they are so inexperienced and innocent that it is easy for them to be addicted to playing on the computer and waste too much time and energy on the Internet. What’s worse, some evil people specialize in cheating young kids online, which are […]
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Invisible Parental Control Filter

In this global village, the Internet has been a vital friend for humans, especially for the younger generation who are always interested in the novel stuff. Undoubtedly, kids can learn a lot conveniently from the Internet which are filled with kinds of information. Nevertheless, your kids are exposed to massive improper materials as well. Various […]
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Protect Kids from Porn Websites

Do the porn websites upset you? Are you concerned about porn websites bringing bad effects to your children? Are you worried about your children attempting hiding the web browsing activities? In order to protect your kids from porn websites, installing a piece of Parental Control Software like Aobo Porn Filter is your best choice. It […]
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